Yep, Thor is my real name, I swear!

Originally from Brooklyn, recently transplanted from South Florida to Vancouver, Washington.

Being a product manager allows me to create products that directly impact users, while fulfilling internal and external requirements. I then collect data and iterate on these products over time, refining their feature set, always with the user front of mind.

As a full stack creator I am someone that specializes in multiple forms of art. Storytelling is my art. I tell my stories through films, photos, and designs, specifically all digital.

I believe that story is the most powerful tool that humanity has to evoke change. That is my long-tail goal, evoking change in all things that I find of value. Remote work, minimalism, environmentalism, and sustainability are my deepest passions and areas I intend to put the most energy towards. If you align with any of these, let’s chat, work together or make a story.

You can also find my living resume on Notion.

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