Notion Office Hours


Back in March 2020, I had the honor of being on a panel style Notion Office Hours. Marie Poulin was the host and the topic was remote work. This was during the first few weeks of the pandemic starting and people needed some tips on how to acclimate to the new working environment. They also probably came to peek into our Notion workspaces, though we barely touched on them.

During the panel I was accompanied by two other awesome people, Tara McMullin and Ben Borowski. Both are long time remote workers, freelancing and working for companies. We chatted about what we do, how we use Notion, and some best practices around remote work.

The topic of tech also came up and as much as I like to tell people all the best stuff to get, I leaned more on my minimalist and essentialist side, recommending that the tech is not important, the human connection is. It’s funny, whenever I am on a call with someone, one on one or one to many, I’ve noticed that my underlying values tend to show through. Even though I wrote up a list of tech to mention, I didn’t even glance at it, just saying what truly came to mind.

A few of my Notion resources:


If I explain anymore you won’t bother watching, so please, take some time and see how the conversation went. Tell me if you learned anything valuable. Just don’t pay attention to my crappy video quality. I had some serious connectivity issues at the time, plus my MacBook camera looked more potato than ever.

If you want to catch more of Notion Office Hours, follow them on Crowdcast.